Figurative photography that celebrates the sculptural beauty and dynamic energy of the nude form.

My work with nudes is deeply emotional and intentional. One must collaborate with the body - to foster a respectful and sentient relationship with it. My nude compositions embody this experience. I always am exploring ways to capture and document the human form - to elicit a visual and visceral sense of its freedom, spontaneity, character, eccentricities and energies. 
To me, the nude is the eternal subject. It is at once austere, emotive, authentic and sensuous. Within the camera's frame, the body is released from its bounds - of male and female, subject and object, gravity and its laws. I find that the camera's inherent honesty allows me to explore the body as a vital sculpture - a uniquely dimensional, mysterious and awesome structure that reveals itself in the interplay of light and shadow. Light brings into focus the curve and dexterity of the muscles, the texture of the skin, the body’s elegant softness or supple agility. The negative space that surrounds the body is of equal importance to the body itself. Together, these elements form a cohesive and exciting story that celebrates geometry, dynamic line, movement, and, at times, abstraction.  

I am always seeking models of all body types, cultural backgrounds, ages and gender identities. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in commissioning a work or participating in this project.

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